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(Adopted at 24th November 2015 Council meeting)

The fees fixed and settled under the Local Government Act 1972 by the Parish of Buckland Monachorum are as follows:






1.Purchase of Graves (50 year Exclusive Right of Burial):

a) Purchase of grave

300.00 600.00

b) Purchase of cremation plot

100.00 400.00

c) Transfer of right of burial

50.00 100.00

2. Interments:

a) For first interment of a coffin in an earthen grave, (double depth)

150.00 450.00

b) For second interment of a coffin in an earthen grave

150.00 450.00

c) For interment of an urn or casket containing cremated human remains

75.00 250.00

3. Headstones:

For the right to erect a memorial stone on a grave in respect of which the exclusive right of burial has been granted. Period of Right to erect a memorial is 50 years.

a) Headstone (grave only) and first inscription*

130.00 250.00

b) Additional inscription/s

20.00 40.00

4. Scattering of ashes:

Ashes may be scattered on a grave where an exclusive right of burial has been granted and correct legal ownership of said right of burial properly established.

A minimum donation of £50 to be made to cemetery maintenance.

*£80 from new headstone application fee to be placed in the cemetery repairs fund.

The definition of a resident for the purposes of the fees and charges associated with the Cemetery is as follows:


1. A person who is or was, until the time of death, living continuously in the Parish, or who was living continuously in the Parish up to 12 months previous to the purchase of a plot.

2. A person who was living continuously in the Parish, but who left to take up residence in another location for the purposes of being cared for.

3. A second interment in a plot where the person is the spouse, partner or sibling of a resident already interred in the plot.

The Neighbourhood Plan

News - 2nd March 2017

Four meetings have been arranged as follows for everyone to have a chance to see and comment on our Buckland Monachorum Parish Neighbourhood Plan

4th March:  

1000 - 1200 St Paul's Church Hall, Yelverton
1400 - 1600 Clearbrook Village Hall

11th March:  

1000 - 1200 Milton Combe Village Hall
1400 - 1600 Buckland Monachorum Village Hall

The Buckland Monachorum Parish Neighbourhood Plan web site can be viewed using this link.

News - 22nd February 2017

The Parish Council is actively seeking the views of local residents on what the field owned by the Parish Council at Crapstone should be used for.

If you have an idea please email the Parish Clerk using this link.

Please get in touch if you spot any errors on this site, however small, or if you have content that you feel should be included.

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