"The Old Boggy Bit"

That "old boggy bit” in the corner of the recreation field in Crapstone is turning into a very special place. With the increasing urbanisation of our landscape it becomes more important than ever to conserve our natural areas such as this small pocket of wet grassland.The field is owned and managed by Buckland Monachorum parish council who in January 2018 gave a small committee, made up of three parish councillors and a few local residents the ½ acre plot “the boggy bit” to create a conservation area. Our first job was to get Tavistock task force out to clear some of the brambles and rushes so we could get an idea as to what we were going to do.Devon Wildlife had been down and had suggested a plan of action and our local well-known landscape gardeners had been and suggested a selection of trees, shrubs and flowers that would look good and increase the biodiversity of the area. With the help of local residents, we planted trees a shrub and some water loving plants, some of which had been donated to the conservation area. As we were fast running out of funds, we applied and got funding from Devon County council and the Tamer valley AONB, with a stall (books and toys) at Buckland village hall coffee morning plus the June fair, we were then able to buy a hedgehog home and a couple of bird boxes and our “big buy” which is an information board supplied and fitted by our local company “Green Scheme” who specialise in recycled plastic products, it will tell you all about our “boggy bit”. Volunteers are always welcomed. The wild life on our doorstep is amazing and so varied, we hope this year we will have even more to share with everyone.

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